One of the most important tools for modern restaurant owners is an efficient Point-Of-Sale (or, POS) system. This convenient technology offers restaurant owners a replacement for an overflow of paperwork. No more missing records or outdated cash registers. All-in-one systems are considered the best option for today’s business owners. It combines all basic hardware and software that is needed to serve customers and keep accurate business records.

Many restaurant owners are familiar with POS systems because basic versions are usually included in retail or restaurant packages. Restaurant systems are normally equipped with a terminal, a touch-screen monitor, and a cash drawer. They also include a receipt printer, card reader, and software that is designed for whichever business it is for. Some POS systems are sold with other options. This includes kitchen printers, customer displays, and wireless table-side order entry. These features make it easy to accept payment from customers. It can also help business owners track what is stocked and what is sold.

Having a functioning POS system means more accurate records and a better customer experience. It prevents confusion amongst employees and shortages in supplies. Without a proper POS system, a business is likely to fall behind more cutting edge business models. To help today’s restaurant owners find the right technology for their business, here are the top 5 POS systems for restaurants to use:

1.   AccuPOS

A popular choice in the POS market, this is a powerful system that is still easy to use. Even new hires will find that the AccuPOS is simple to learn. Restaurant owners will enjoy the control options and direct link to Quickbooks. This POS has reliable software that is not prone to crashing or losing its connection. This keeps businesses running smoothly, even during lunch and dinner rushes. There is always help available when problems pop up. AccuPOS technical support is known for quick response times and fast solutions. Business owners can spend less time worrying about keeping their systems running and more time watching their businesses flourish.

Attention to detail sets the AccuPOS apart.  It offers a solution for smaller businesses who are seeking to view statistics in order to improve over time.  Business owners can view everything from best selling products to average prep time with little effort. This allows restaurant owners to make adjustments to the products that they sell or the way that they are sold so that their business can make  a better profit. The AccuPOS is an all-inclusive system with powerful features and a simple interface. This makes it the perfect choice for any busy restaurant.


2. Harbourtouch

Part of what makes the Harbourtouch POS system so popular amongst restaurant owners is its low cost. But this isn’t just a bargain system. For $25, this system comes with options like processing payments and keeping track of inventory. It can even come preloaded with company data so it can be used right away. This POS system’s software is free and comes in two versions. Each has a payment processing contract. It is also fitted with a modern touchscreen, receipt printers, a card reader, and a cash drawer. Business owners have the option to choose the Elite package as well. The Elite package is sold with a faster touchscreen monitor. Harbourtouch sells different POS systems to serve a variety of businesses. It has recently gained special attention as a restaurant favorite.

Support for setting up the system once it has been bought goes above and beyond a simple how-to manual. Businesses who invest in this POS system can direct their initial questions and concerns to a local account consultant, provided by Harbourtouch. Business owners can request an online tutorial, during which the account representative can actually monitor and walk them through the process. New Harbortouch customers can even send inventory items or menus ahead of time to have their database set up before the system arrives. Coupled with on-site training and remote technical support offered through the touch of a    button, this is a convenient system that many will find easy to use.


3. POS Guys

Many businesses have turned to POS Guys because of their large selection of low-cost POS options. They provide full systems and equipment. They also offer software and extra supplies. Many of the systems available through POS Guys can be bought for under $2,000 dollars, making it a great option for start-up restaurants. Business owners can choose from different models based on their needs. More advanced models feature touchscreens and more sophisticated accounting. Less advanced models have features like impact printers and more simple processors. POS Guys customers also have the option of 20 POS computers, 15 cash drawers, and over 25 receipt printers to choose from. POS Guys systems are compatible with all credit card processors or merchant services, making payment more convenient for customers.

POS Guys provides business owners with customer support online and by phone.  They also offer remote training, set-up assistance, and hardware replacement when needed. Restaurant owners can choose from three hardware care packages: The “Platinum” plan ships new parts overnight, “Gold” within two days, and “Silver” within seven days.


4. TouchSuite POS

TouchSuite offers a low-cost solution to restaurants that need a fully functional system without a big-ticket price. It is also one of the more simple systems to set up and operate. This is because of the fact that TouchSuite is sold with default software that is designed for each type of business. It can simply be plugged in as soon as it is delivered and be used right away. Every TouchSuite POS system includes a touchscreen PC with a spare battery, cash drawer, a keyboard, and a receipt printer. It also includes card readers, report printers, and a barcode scanner. This all-in-one POS system is a great option for small businesses. It offers a clear look at profits by providing sales reports. Business owners can easily see their progress and make changes as needed.

There are a few other special features that TouchSuite POS can bring to a restaurant. For example, it has automatic remote backup. This offers a safeguard against hardware failures or system damages so that data can never be lost. Battery backup and remote access features are also included. Battery backup can protect the system from power failures and allow restaurant owners to retrieve data. Remote access allows business owners to view how sales are going even when they are not at the restaurant itself. All that they need to access the POS system remotely is a PC. These safety features are offered to give business owners peace of mind and ways to improve their businesses.

Technical support covers hardware failure and parts can be replaced overnight when needed. This POS system does require restaurant owners to sign a merchant services agreement in order to use the above services.


5. ShopKeep POS

The ShopKeep POS system is unique for a number of reasons. For one, it does not come with its own monitor– instead, it uses Apple’s iPad. Business owners gain the freedom to choose their own payment processor while also saving money with this affordable option. Because it is based on the Cloud system, all data is streamlined in one easy place and can never be lost. There is no requirement for a long-term contract, so restaurants are free to choose another system if they want. The ShopKeep is incredibly simple to use and, like the Harbourtouch, is a favorite of new businesses due to its easy interface. A sleek modern design makes this POS system easy to pair with any business décor. Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity serve to make transactions possible even if business owners are on the go.  All transaction information is stored automatically when an internet connection is lost. Then it is resumed when the connection is found again. This can be a great choice for restaurants that like to travel to trade shows and festivals for catering event.

Business owners have the option to buy a system package with or without an iPad, based on whether or not they already own one. Apple-compatible label printers, kitchen printers and barcode scanners are also offered upon request. All software is updated and maintained by ShopKeep. There is no worry about dealing with any third-party service providers. This helps ShopKeep monitor the quality of their software. It also gives business owners a chance to find help in one place. Phone, live chat, and email support are all offered free of charge. There is little to no risk to trying out this fine POS system because they offer a 30-day trial period.

Restaurant owners should know what their most important needs are before deciding on a POS system. Every business runs differently. Business should remember this when reading reviews for different products. Each of these options can offer businesses a better way to organize and grow profits. Visit these sellers’ websites for more information. Learn how you can order a new POS system for your restaurant today!