65% of smartphone owners search to find local restaurants, but 95% of independent restaurants do not have a mobile website and 50% do not even have a standard website. Restaurants now have a solution for just over a dollar per day!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

There is a new platform on the market today that makes it easier and faster for restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes, and business owners to bring in new customers. That platform is called Appetizing Sites. For less than a cup of coffee per day, restaurant owners can make sure their websites are “future proofed” and updated for the over 80% of mobile and tablet customers looking for a local restaurant.

Is The Website Ready For Mobile Traffic?

Most restaurant searchers are doing one of 3 tasks: calling a restaurant, looking up directions, or looking up locations “near me”. The numbers tell the whole story. Of the total number of mobile restaurant search users, 70% are looking for a particular restaurant location, 65% are looking for suggested restaurant locations within walking and driving distance, 66% want directions, and 51% want to find a restaurant’s local phone number. If the website can’t fulfill these search queries with your website, then the restaurant is missing out on a huge portion of the potential market.

How To Capitalize On Local Business

The solution is Appetizing Sites. This new restaurant website building platform offers beautifully designed responsive websites that are built specifically for restaurants and costs less per month than dinner for one at an upscale steakhouse. With Appetizing Sites, restaurant owners get to choose the website design that best fits their brand and then fully customize it to establish their unique identity. Choose one of the beautifully designed themes, enter some basic information, upload a logo, customize the colors, add photos, create their menu, and it’s done. Appetizing Sites is an all-in-one website solution that offers third-party reservations integration, a custom coupon and deals manager, unlimited photo galleries, social media, and built-in SEO and mobile optimization, among many other great features. It’s simple to use and prices start as low as $39 per month.

Get The Right Website That’s Easy to Use and Accessible

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential diners traveling around each city right now, looking for a place to eat. So much time, money and energy is invested in getting the right location, the right décor, the right menu, and the right staff. But many restaurant owners still don’t realize that not having an easy-to-use and accessible website makes all those efforts virtually useless! If potential customers cannot easily find their menu online, a “click to call” phone number, and a “click for directions” address, then they will quickly move onto the next restaurant that does make it easy to visit.

Mobile matters.

Today, mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and other smart phones and tablets account for over 30% of all Internet usage! Mobile usage continues to grow year after year. So having a mobile-optimized website is more crucial than ever – especially for restaurants, whose customers are already out and ready to drop by, using their mobile devices to search for a place to dine.

A recommendation to Restaurant Owners… Don’t leave tables empty because you haven’t invested in the right website.

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